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ok, a couple of things:

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firstly, when i went to buy the holga, they didnt have any…so i ended up with this:

…and i love it (apart from the first night’s frustration as i couldn’t load the film, having never used medium format before i’m a complete novice at this). the diana+ can take multiple exposures, panaroma shots and you can buy a flash to add to it. its so light and toy-like, i almost can believe that every time i press the little silver button it’s capturing a picture. i’m still on my first film (ilford xp2 400), so we’ll see what the results turn out like, and this leads me to my next point…

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

i’m currently very busy with several things: my history of art dissertation (on victor sloan, as you may have read in a previous post), a separate history of art essay on twentieth century art (the dada movement and marcel duchamp) and an english language essay (due after the dissertation, so i haven’t even thought about it yet). also, with applications for masters and consequential interviews, i havent a lot of time for posting on little whispers or today i….

so i’ve come up with a compromise. to keep things interesting (and whilst i’m waiting for my diana films to be developed) i’ll be posting some old photos from childhood, or further back. i am a sucker for old photographs, and i thought it’d be fun to reveal some, with possibily some of the stories behind them.

so here’s the first one:

this is me standing in my old home’s kitchen, with it’s cork walls and green kitchen cabinets (although thankfully they weren’t included). i must’ve been to the dentist, as the sticker on my jumper is one of those super ted ones that they gave you after you got your teeth checked. my braces have mickey mouse on them…i wonder if i still have them somewhere…


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