nearly there…

with the harder of my two exams completed today, and knowing i’ve less than 48 hours til i’m completely finished, i feel like i should wander back to the blog space. when studying, i find it hard to focus all my attention on the job at hand, and find myself procrastinating in the form of projects to start when i am finished with the exams. these projects are as follows:

  • painting the apartment. all the walls are white, and after more than a year, im yearning for colour. i’ll follow this up with more boring, mundane, detailed posts on specific colours and so forth, but for overview purposes; two pale blue walls in the lounge, the bedroom duck egg blue and paint the tiles in the bathroom white and the wood paneling pale blue. i like blue.
  • making new cushion covers for the lounge. they are currently bright orange, and rather than contrasting colours, i long for cohesion and calm.
  • photographing more. i want to take beautiful pictures of places, people and adventures, and then print, frame and hang them, instead of filing them away in a folder in ‘my pictures’. i’ve gorgeous frames from urban outiftters and they’re gathering dust…its frustrating…
  • rearranging furniture: my bedroom and the lounge.
  • organisation: storage boxes from ikea and sorting EVERYTHING out.

as i read this list, it appears i want to sort out my apartment… these are just the ones that come to mind, but i know that as my four months off begin, i’ll find many more things to distract myself with. in the meantime, here are some inspirational websites: domino magazine martha stewart apartment therapy design in dublin homebug


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