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ok, a couple of things:

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firstly, when i went to buy the holga, they didnt have any…so i ended up with this:

…and i love it (apart from the first night’s frustration as i couldn’t load the film, having never used medium format before i’m a complete novice at this). the diana+ can take multiple exposures, panaroma shots and you can buy a flash to add to it. its so light and toy-like, i almost can believe that every time i press the little silver button it’s capturing a picture. i’m still on my first film (ilford xp2 400), so we’ll see what the results turn out like, and this leads me to my next point…

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i’m currently very busy with several things: my history of art dissertation (on victor sloan, as you may have read in a previous post), a separate history of art essay on twentieth century art (the dada movement and marcel duchamp) and an english language essay (due after the dissertation, so i haven’t even thought about it yet). also, with applications for masters and consequential interviews, i havent a lot of time for posting on little whispers or today i….

so i’ve come up with a compromise. to keep things interesting (and whilst i’m waiting for my diana films to be developed) i’ll be posting some old photos from childhood, or further back. i am a sucker for old photographs, and i thought it’d be fun to reveal some, with possibily some of the stories behind them.

so here’s the first one:

this is me standing in my old home’s kitchen, with it’s cork walls and green kitchen cabinets (although thankfully they weren’t included). i must’ve been to the dentist, as the sticker on my jumper is one of those super ted ones that they gave you after you got your teeth checked. my braces have mickey mouse on them…i wonder if i still have them somewhere…



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finally, i’m going to purchase a holga this afternoon:

i cant wait to start experimenting…

a great feature of the holga is the multiple exposure option, so you can create overlapping images, to produce results like these below:

“The Holga has a separate shutter and advance – meaning that you can shoot as many times as you like on the same frame without advancing. This feature can either be intentional or accidentally ruin a single exposure photo. It’s easy to forget to advance the film, so you can decide to always wind the film after a shot or try to not care and see what happens. In the right hands and with a bit of luck, multiple exposures can create complex and stunning images and also turn accidental double exposures into photographic miracles.”

It also has the option of coloured flashes:

“The flash on the Holga 120 CFN (included in the Starter Kit, Deluxe, & Fisheye packages) includes built-in color gels. This way you can tint your shots with color or create weird portraits of people at night. Use it as a fill light with color during the day where nearby subjects will be colored in while maintaining the natural light in the background or enhance your double exposures with one frame of color. The possibilities and combinations are endless.”

will post my first film as soon as its developed !

{all images from the holga website.}

holy f*ck…

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i hadnt really intended to go to this gig, as i hadn’t heard their stuff before and wasn’t therefore prepared to pay the price for someone i didnt know. however, mucho danke were interviewing them and so i was able to amble down. they turned out to be fantastic. it would be easy for an electronic band to be bland on stage but these guys had a lot of energy and totally loved what they were doing. it was a fantastic gig and so holy fuck are now top of my playlist, for the next while anyway…

and a little taster of a mini-project i did last night:

will reveal when i can.


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to carry my lomo camera everywhere and take pictures of anything eye-catching

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plan to buy a holga

i will miss..

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…polaroids. a funny thing happened. well, its not so much funny for me as it is tragic and sad and i must do something about it. but here we are. when i heard that polaroid were ceasing production of both their films and cameras, i immediately got onto amazon and ebay and stocked up on a lot of film. i felt very smug, and although i was now short of money, i was happy. then i ventured out for my best friend’s birthday later that week and somehow managed to leave my polaroid camera in the black taxi (meaning no way of contacting them). i was devastated and upset and the only thing that could console me was immediately getting onto ebay and buying a new one. however, when this new one arrived, it didnt work. i have now lost my enthusiasm, and havent even bothered to send the broken one back to the ebay seller (who i mailed and she said she would accept it back). this will be resolved soon. i promise.

in the meantime, i love to check nectar and light, where i can see how polaroids should be used…

jen’s work is inspiring, beautiful and makes me sad that polaroids are going to be no more.

at this time of year…

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…people begin to plan their summer holidays. well, i do. its no longer winter, but not warm enough for summer and i long to be somewhere else.

and so today i reminisced about my wonderful holiday in estepona and barcelona, spain, in the summer of 2006…

above: the view from the pool of our apartment in estepona

…and photos from the visit to the mies van der rohe pavilion in barcelona…


our family portraits…

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as a gift for my parents, my brother and i brought them a voucher to use at venture photography studio in belfast, in order for us to get some updated professional family photos…
after having a lively session (including piggy backs, tickling and rugby tackles), we went back today to view the resulting images and order our favourites… they look fantastic and i look forward to them arriving. although it has made me think about how i should be able to get good quality shots of my own family, considering i have a great camera and the snapfish service at jessops is really good.

must try harder…

i love spring

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when spring comes around, it gets me in the mood plant bulbs and take polaroids of all the pretty flowers creeping their way out into the world again…

today, i just walked past some daffodils and hyacinths my mum has in a vase in the lounge. the smell of hyacinths is so sweet, strong and overpowering it put me in a very nostaligic mood, the photo below from anniebee at flickr captures it perfectly… and of course feeds my ever-increasing love for polaroids and how they can make anything beautiful…not that these flowers need much help…

a day in the country…

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went to visit friends and took my camera to take advantage of their dogs, horse and shed in which my dad and his friend are finishing their boat…

photo themes

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as previously mentioned, i have been having a hard time taking a creative or inspired daily photo for my photo project.

i have decided to remedy this by setting a theme for perhaps a week, fortnight, or even a month at a time

its time to shake it up.

so, to begin with: ” pink ”

follow the progress:‘today i…’

lack of creativity

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having been very busy the past week, my last post was a while ago.

do not fret.

i hand my essay in tomorrow and my new job will settle into normal shifts. i can therefore begin to channel some creativity.

some of you may check my photo blog, today i…
my daily photos have become mundane, stale and uninspiring. this is especially saddening when i see the beautiful and creative photos my flickr contacts post up every day.

i have a resolution – to be more creative with my camera.

below is the first picture i’ve actually been pleased with in a long time…inspired by this and this

victor sloan exhibition…

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worth going to
worth reading

doing my dissertation on his work, and it helps that this is a current exhibition of his work. expect several more detailed posts on him as my research continues…


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polaroid announced they’re stopping production of instant film – read more here

my heart has broken a little bit…

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