i love spring

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when spring comes around, it gets me in the mood plant bulbs and take polaroids of all the pretty flowers creeping their way out into the world again…

today, i just walked past some daffodils and hyacinths my mum has in a vase in the lounge. the smell of hyacinths is so sweet, strong and overpowering it put me in a very nostaligic mood, the photo below from anniebee at flickr captures it perfectly… and of course feeds my ever-increasing love for polaroids and how they can make anything beautiful…not that these flowers need much help…


a day in the country…

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went to visit friends and took my camera to take advantage of their dogs, horse and shed in which my dad and his friend are finishing their boat…

presets gig

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saw the presets at the stiff kitten last night, which was a great alternative to the typical st. patricks day celebrations in belfast. having previously seen them when they supported the rapture at mandela hall last year, i was looking forward to seeing them headline.

the venue was considerably different but much better suited to their set. with some great dj-ing before they came on, the presets played a fantastic set and were well received by the crowd. they played songs both old and new, andfrom the sounds of it, im looking forward to obtaining their new album !

i miss…

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photo themes

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as previously mentioned, i have been having a hard time taking a creative or inspired daily photo for my photo project.

i have decided to remedy this by setting a theme for perhaps a week, fortnight, or even a month at a time

its time to shake it up.

so, to begin with: ” pink ”

follow the progress:‘today i…’

victoria square photo opportunity

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made sure i took my camera so i could get some shots of the latest architectural addition to belfast…

it does look impressive, and i love some of the shapes. the wooden parts of the platforms are really lovely, and the natural light that floods the place ensures it doesnt appear to be just another shopping centre.

lack of creativity

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having been very busy the past week, my last post was a while ago.

do not fret.

i hand my essay in tomorrow and my new job will settle into normal shifts. i can therefore begin to channel some creativity.

some of you may check my photo blog, today i…
my daily photos have become mundane, stale and uninspiring. this is especially saddening when i see the beautiful and creative photos my flickr contacts post up every day.

i have a resolution – to be more creative with my camera.

below is the first picture i’ve actually been pleased with in a long time…inspired by this and this

house of fraser: victoria square

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the anchor store for the victoria square development, house of fraser is massive – 2000sq foot of shopping heaven…

with fantastic brands such as
mulberry ( more on that tomorrow…)
all saints
la perla
agent provocateur
LK bennet
white light
ralph lauren…the list goes on and on and on.

having had two days of training in the store, i can say first hand how fanstastic this store is going to be, and what a huge difference it will make to Belfast shopping… its beautiful !

some goodies to look forward to…in 2 days !

<agent provocateur – the first two, the third an image from la perla’s current collection>

and with the new face of house of fraser being yasmin le bon < who’s rumoured to be opening the store on thursday…>, looks like we wont know what’s hit us !


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we visited taps restaurant on saturday night for a friend’s birthday

food was great, however the service was slow…and we ended up eating very very late. disappointing.

with so many dishes for nine of us, it would be impossible to list them all, so here’s what i had:

bread, oils and green pesto to start, which was delicious. then 3 tapas dishes: chicken skewers in white wine and garlic, halloumi in puff pastry with red onion and goats cheese and balsamic salad. for dessert, i chose the creme catalan:

all of which was totally gorgeous, and accompanied by sangria…

negatives: we never received our coffees, it took ages to recieve bread (which we were told would be straight out) and jugs of water, and despite asking for all the dishes to arrive together (as some had ordered the paella which takes a lot longer), they brought dishes out when they were ready.

next time, hopefully the service will be faster and more coherent

all saints: victoria square

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having visited the all saints shop in dublin, my impression of their pieces is beautiful fabrics, simple colours and unusual, modern cuts… enjoy drooling over these little gems…

their pieces are pricey, but well worth the investment… they will be having a stand alone shop in victoria square as well as male and female concessions in house of fraser itself.

the pier: victoria square

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second installment…

the pier’s products range from nice and simple pieces to some being slightly twee, but after hunting through, there are some pretty things…

definitely worth a look…

urban outfitters: victoria square

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with just over a week until it opens, i though i’d put up some posts in the run up detailing what will soon be available to us belfast shoppers that we haven’t had before, and we’ll begin with my favourite…

this store provide for both guy and girls, and also quirky home items with fashionable music. some brands that they stock include

also, a great range of accessories…

i’m currently planning on…

i’m very, very excited…

two step review…

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last night proved to be another great two step night, with the highlight for me being boathouse.

it was also the debut for the mucho danke djs…

already looking forward to next month!


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Queens Film Theatre have just launched a new website, and having just picked up their new brochure for the next few months, i’m hoping to get down to see a few films, notably…

the diving bell and the butterfly

Most recent visits have been to ‘im not there’ and ‘no country for old men’, both of which were excellent and are highly recommended

gig watch…

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heading to this tomorrow night…

having seen all these bands in some shape or form, this promises to be a good night.

gustaf nordenskiold – sweden

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saw these and just loved the design…

how fantastic…

click me and i’ll take you there

atl tv – oppenheimer

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the new series of atl begins tonight, and as i went to the live recording for the six acts in bbc blackstaff, i’m fairly excited about it.


tonight begins with oppenheimer performing their song “look up”, and will also feature an assortment of other local acts. other live performances to look forward to are foy vance, fighting with wire and panama kings.

for more details, check out here and tune in tonight at 10pm on bbc2.

(p.s. i’ll be at the front towards the right…)

restaurant review – drennans

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this little restaurant is so new i cant find anything on it online yet ! so apologies for lack of links – they aren’t there yet.

k. and i went to this restaurant on fri 15th, as he had been sick the night before, and so this was our valentines meal. it was chosen on a whim, as he passed it on his way up to my flat, and we decided to give it a go.

from the outside, the building looks quite closed, and the permanent signage hasn’t arrived yet, so it’s not very eye-catching, especially as it sits beside the “queue for an hour before you get a table” villa italia. we had not problem getting a booking, and so we arrived at 8pm.

with a small, welcoming reception area to the left, the atmosphere is immediately set with soft lighting and and smiling staff. we were shown to our table in the dining area, which is located on a lower level at the back. with maybe only seating a maximum of 35-40 guests, the area is intimate and comfortable. the walls are decorated with french music hall posters from the late nineteenth/early twentieth century, antique mirrors and stained glass, but it remains simple and modern.

with about four or five choices for each course, and the menu being set at £13 for two courses and £17 for three, there isnt a huge amount of choice, but its simple and provides something for everyone.

for starters, i chose the goats cheese tart, which was crumbly, creamy and delicious. k. chose the parma ham on crustini with advocado, which was also very good. for mains, i had the pork medallions, which were served on a potato terrain and a mustardy sauce. the flavours were subtle and not overwhelming, whilst the meat was tender and perfectly cooked. k. chose the steak, which was accompanied by tobacco onions and potato wedges., and a choice of either peppercorn or garlic sauce. this was also very very good. the steak was cooked as to order and was yum. deserts were kept simple with us both opting for the berry pavlova, which was large, gloopy, crunchy and yum, served with strawberries, kiwis, grapes, apple and berrys. in terms of drink, they are yet to recieve a license, but with ‘drink’ across the road, and corkage only £1.50, this is a great option.

the toilets are located upstairs, just off the balcony that overlooks one side of the eating area. these are new, modern and black – very slick. also, the flooring and doors in this area has had some thought put in, with halogen lights laid into the floor and dark walnut wood being used. it’s really lovely.

what made the experience was the piano player, who sat at the top of the stairs playing soft, laid-back, jazz/easy listening, and whose voice was perfectly suited to the atmosphere.

all in all – a fantastic, intimate, reasonably priced restaurant, with delicious, simple food and a relaxed atmosphere. highly recommended !

day of love…

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got a little bit crafty this year for valentines day – thought i’d share…


made k. some cupcakes…loved the buttercream icing.

then also made these for him to open in work, as he’s off coffee for lent…

victor sloan exhibition…

February 14, 2008 at 1:19 am | Posted in exhibitions, northern irish, photography | 2 Comments

worth going to
worth reading

doing my dissertation on his work, and it helps that this is a current exhibition of his work. expect several more detailed posts on him as my research continues…

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