aqua rabbit

February 9, 2008 at 3:47 pm | Posted in crafts | Leave a comment
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i’ve gotten back into stitching again, but it can be hard to find patterns or ideas which aren’t twee and over-embellished, but instead simple and modern. i came across dana robson who works in california, and her designs are very inspirational…

“I’d like to be a rabbit. Just for a day or two, to see what the world looks like as a rabbit. Or maybe a squirrel. How would the world look to me at ground level? How would I perceive a flower or a field or a tree? The tiny things would seem huge in my squirrel eyes.”

“My work examines both the moment a memory is born, and those long hours spent remembering. While science provides us the mechanism to remember, nature often gives us the desire to forget. It is this constant pull that I examine by bringing images to life with needle and thread. The titles in this series—all taken from articles in Science magazine—offer further proof that we can’t escape our nature because we can’t escape the science that inextricably binds us to the natural world.”

i love how she takes imagery of rabbits, deer and birds and creates very simple but aesthetically beautiful stitched pieces. i’m definitely going to come up with some of my own designs taking influence from these.

check out her website for more images and information…


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