our family portraits…

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as a gift for my parents, my brother and i brought them a voucher to use at venture photography studio in belfast, in order for us to get some updated professional family photos…
after having a lively session (including piggy backs, tickling and rugby tackles), we went back today to view the resulting images and order our favourites… they look fantastic and i look forward to them arriving. although it has made me think about how i should be able to get good quality shots of my own family, considering i have a great camera and the snapfish service at jessops is really good.

must try harder…


photo themes

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as previously mentioned, i have been having a hard time taking a creative or inspired daily photo for my photo project.

i have decided to remedy this by setting a theme for perhaps a week, fortnight, or even a month at a time

its time to shake it up.

so, to begin with: ” pink ”

follow the progress:‘today i…’

lack of creativity

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having been very busy the past week, my last post was a while ago.

do not fret.

i hand my essay in tomorrow and my new job will settle into normal shifts. i can therefore begin to channel some creativity.

some of you may check my photo blog, today i…
my daily photos have become mundane, stale and uninspiring. this is especially saddening when i see the beautiful and creative photos my flickr contacts post up every day.

i have a resolution – to be more creative with my camera.

below is the first picture i’ve actually been pleased with in a long time…inspired by this and this

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